How do I preserve water with Clorox®?

Answer Use clean cloths to filter water that is cloudy, or allow particles to settle and pour clear water into a clean container. Suitable containers include food-grade plastic or glass containers that ha... Read More »

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Will Clorox in water harm water plants?

Clorox, a name brand of bleach, kills plants no matter what temperature of water it is in. The amount of bleach in the water affects how quickly the plants will die.References:How to Get Rid of Thi... Read More »

How Much Clorox Should Be Used to Purify Water?

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How much Clorox is needed to purify water?

During emergencies, if boiling water is unavailable, adding bleach can be used to purify drinking water. it is recommended that eight to 10 drops of bleach be added per gallon of water. Do not use ... Read More »

How to Use Clorox Bleach in Water Treatments?

The most thorough way to purify water is to boil it, but in an emergency this is not always possible. If you have no way to boil your water, you can use Clorox bleach instead. Bleach is an inexpens... Read More »