How do I preserve flower petals?

Answer DivideDivide the individual flowers up into small bunches and tie them together with string or twine. Remove the leaves from the stem for the best results.HangHang the flower bunches upside down in... Read More »

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How to Preserve Flower Petals by Freezing?

So you've bought the most beautiful rose known to mankind, or your wedding flowers are important to you, or you need rose petals for a spell or potion. This method of preserving flowers is very nat... Read More »

How to Preserve Rose Petals?

Whether presented as a gift or grown in a garden, roses may represent fond memories for some people. If you prefer not to part with your roses, there are several ways to preserve them. Dried petals... Read More »

What is another name for flower petals?

What is the collective name for petals of a flower?