How do I prepare exterior wood window trim to paint?

Answer Wash and DryWash your exterior wood paint with a pressure washer or high-pressure garden hose and a solution of dish detergent. Allow the trim to dry thoroughly over several days.Scrape and RinseSc... Read More »

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How do i paint old wood exterior window trim?

PreparationUse a scraper to remove peeling paint, bubbles and splintered wood. If the surface has rot damage or holes, patch them with a filler that is graded for exterior use. Make any other neede... Read More »

How do I shim an exterior window trim?

Make the ShimsMake your own shims by cutting a thin wedge-shaped piece of wood that is very thin on one end and gradually widens, or buy premade shims at a hardware or home improvement store. Eithe... Read More »

Exterior Window Trim Options?

When you are remodeling the exterior of your home, one area that will need attention is the trim around the windows. Beyond trying to decide the style so it ties in with rest of the house, you need... Read More »

How do I remove exterior window trim?

Work the end of a flat pry bar between the edge of the trim and the window casement. You may have to tap the bar with a hammer to do this. Pry the trim out slightly until the heads of the nails hol... Read More »