How do I prepare an area for a raised bed garden?

Answer Raised-bed gardening can not only help plants, by permitting greater depth of soil improvement, better drainage and warmer soil, but it can also help gardeners, by making maintenance easier and imp... Read More »

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How to Prepare a Raised Bed Garden?

Preparing a raised garden bed is similar to preparing an in ground bed. The difference is that the former is set up above the ground. Although you rarely have to dig the ground out before setting u... Read More »

How do I create a raised garden?

ConstructionAttach four untreated wood boards at right angles to one another at their edges with wood screws or metal brackets, creating a large, bottomless box. Use four pieces of wood that are ea... Read More »

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed?

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How do I plan a raised garden?

Plant ChoicesDetermine what plants to grow, whether its fruits, vegetables or flowers, in the raised beds. Put plants that carry similar diseases or are attacked by similar pests in different group... Read More »