How do I practice music theory notes?

Answer An understanding of music theory is important for musicians because it enables them to read and interpret music, as well as to compose and to follow instruction from a conductor or music teacher. N... Read More »

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Theory Guided Nursing Practice?

Nursing theory describes and explains aspects of the field of professional nursing in a systematic, or structured, way. There are three major types of theories: grand, middle range and nursing prac... Read More »

Colleges That Provide a Major in Music Tech & Music Theory?

Music production is a growing career field that is cropping up in an increasing number of colleges and universities as areas of study. Music theory is a more commonly found degree opportunity, but ... Read More »

What is the meaning of music notes?

Depending on how they are written, music notes may possess various meanings. Music notes are written, or notated, to demonstrate various rhythms, melodies and tones that ultimately convey emotion t... Read More »

Who invented music notes?

Western music note notation has evolved over many centuries. No one knows exactly who invented it, but the earliest forms are traced to 9th century European monasteries with modern staff notation a... Read More »