How do I power-wash a roof?

Answer Power-washing your roof is an easy do-it-yourself project to get rid of stains, mold and fungus, but if you are uncomfortable climbing on your roof or don't want to buy or rent the washer, there ar... Read More »

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Is it ok to power wash a motorcycle?

On One Hand: The BenefitsPower-washers are very efficient at removing dirt and road grime. The powerful stream is capable of removing oily residue, even without the benefit of adding soap to the mi... Read More »

How to Professionally Power Wash?

Power washing is the best way to remove built-up dirt and mold. Properly used, they will give a thorough cleaning on any surface, and turn that dreaded big job into a much smaller, more manageable ... Read More »

How to Power Wash a House?

Power washing a house is a great way to freshen the exterior of a home for relatively little money or effort. A treatment of this type can help to remove mold or mildew that can eventually damage t... Read More »

How to Power Wash a Deck?

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