How do I position the body for fencing?

Answer FeetPoint the front foot, the same foot as your sword hand, toward your opponent. Point the other foot away at a 90 degree angle to the front foot. Your feet should be approximately shoulder width ... Read More »

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How to Have Proper Body Position for Diving?

Perfect position for a rip.Many divers desperately try for the perfect "rip" entry. However, the biggest part of the rip, is proper body positioning. Your back must be as flat as possible, and your... Read More »

How to Use Correct Posture and Body Position for Piano Playing?

Position when playing the piano is very important, it can affect how you play your Music. And an incorrect way of positioning your back and hands can cause aches.

How to Manually Pump Water from a Lower Position to a Higher Position?

Water pumps are among the oldest hand-operated mechanisms in the world. Lifting water from a lower level -- which usually meant a well -- to higher ground was accomplished by human or animal power ... Read More »

When providing a position to the commander what is the best way to cover your six o clock position?

Well, I'm not really sure, I mean, you can go to, they have the answers to that question, about whether or not you can join the army if you have a felony. I think it said you can, but you'... Read More »