How do I pm someone on youtube?

Answer 1. Go that that Person's Channel Page 2. Click the 'Send Message' Button

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How do you put someone else's youtube video to your youtube?

just follow these steps:1-copy the URL of the video 2-go to your YouTube Channel3-click "edit channel"4- where it says "featured video" or something like that, past the URL there.5-click "save chan... Read More »

How do you see someone elses subscribers on youtube?

It usually happens when you click the text which says the number of their subscribers but because of the YouTube lay out update it has change. Good luck!

I need to get on youtube....someone help me?

javascript is usually turned on by, it might be your flash player is outdated..and you need to re-install the flash (the correct way)... make sure all the browsers are NOT running d... Read More »


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