How do I play a sand shot?

Answer Address the BallIf the ball is on a level surface in the sand, place the ball in the middle of your stance. If it is a downhill lie, have the ball be closer to your back foot. If the ball is on an ... Read More »

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What is the different between silica sand and play ground soft fall sand?

soft fall sand is filtered so that the particles are of a specific uniform size that is less dust and other materials

How to Make a Perfect Sand Shot?

Golfers,Ever get mad over those few strokes that accumulate all because you hit the ball into the sand? Here are a few helpful hints as to how to hit the perfect sand shot.

Play Sand Alternatives?

Sand is often used both as a play and learning activity for young children. While children play with sand, they use social skills while learning math skills, such as volume and gravity. However, sa... Read More »

How to Add Play Sand to Paint?

You can add play sand to paint to replicate a historic house-painting technique. Many 19th century painters wanted wrought iron or wood trim on stone houses to appear to be made of matching stone, ... Read More »