How do I play DVD movies on a laptop?

Answer Open a DVD player that works in your operating system. For PC users, you may use software like Windows Media Player and RealPlayer. There are also Mac versions of these players or you may use the n... Read More »

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How to Play Movies From a Laptop to the TV?

Displaying movies on a TV through a laptop allows a lot of versatility. DVD players are hard to travel with because of their size. Many people travel with laptops every day. The TV you want to play... Read More »

How to Play Downloaded Movies on a Toshiba Laptop?

Toshiba is a popular manufacturer of electronics equipment, including laptop computers. Toshiba laptops come complete with Windows operating systems. All Windows operating systems include Windows M... Read More »

Can I download movies onto my laptop but play back using my plasma TV as a monitor I bought an HDMI cable.?

I've been using for a while now and I've never got a virus. The movies are great quality too, and don't take too long to download ;)

If my son connects his x box to his laptop can he use the wifi facility from the laptop to play online?

Hi Beryl yes it is possible to use the laptop as an access point. so i would suggest this also gets wil find ways around most things these bright sparks earn a fortune at he... Read More »