How do I play Age of Mythology?

Answer Age of Mythology is a real time strategy game for the PC created by Ensemble Studios. The game is similar to Ensemble Studios previous game, Age of Empires. Players must build up city states of an ... Read More »

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What is Age of Mythology?

"Age of Mythology" is a PC game developed by Ensemble Studios and released by Microsoft Game Studios in 2002. The game centers around the people of ancient civilizations and a war between gods, tit... Read More »

How to Fix Your CD Key on Age of Mythology?

When installing the video game Age of Mythology onto your Windows system, you are required to enter in a CD key. This CD key is specific to the installation CD; so, if you enter in the wrong key co... Read More »

Greek Mythology in Art?

The characters of Greek mythology still intrigue the imagination with their fantastic exploits and adventures. They have been immortalized by the written word and by their depiction in various form... Read More »

Who is the god of war in Roman mythology?

Mars was the mythological Roman god of war. He was also the god of revenge, courage, anger and terror. Romans also worshiped Mars in a more benign capacity, as the god of spring, agriculture, growt... Read More »