How do I plant speedwell from seed?

Answer GerminatingGerminate speedwell, commonly known as Veronica, seeds indoors in well-draining flower pots or trays. Fill the pots with a nutrient rich potting soil, and pack it down. Place three seeds... Read More »

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How do I plant wildflowers from seed?

Prepare the Plant BedPlant wildflowers in the spring, summer or fall. For temperate climates like California and Florida, planting is possible year-round, but is not recommended during the hottest... Read More »

How do I plant scallions from seed?

Choose an area of the garden that gets plenty of sunlight. Break up the soil approximately 6 inches deep. Clear out all weeds and rock, and add a 1-inch of layer of both peat and fertilizer to the ... Read More »

How do I plant blueberries from seed?

Prepare SeedsBlend ¾ cup of thawed blueberries with ¾ cup of water using a blender, for 15 seconds on high speed. Remove the pulp by spooning it off of the top, and then add fresh water to allow ... Read More »

How do I plant cauliflower from seed?

Start growing cauliflower seeds inside approximately 2 months before the projected last frost of the year. Place seeds no more than 1/2-inch deep in a tray with filled with a soil for seed starting... Read More »