How do I plant skyrocket juniper seed?

Answer PlantingPlant skyrocket juniper seeds in a clay pot and fill with a soil-base compost that contains organic matter. This will help to retain moisture and provide nutrients to the tree. Place the po... Read More »

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How to Plant a Juniper Tree?

Member of the cypress family, juniper species vary in size and shape. Juniper trees are evergreens that produce silvery-green leaves that are scale, awl or needle-shaped. Junipers produce cone frui... Read More »

How to Plant Juniper Trees?

Junipers is an coniferous evergreen tree that is a popular choice for planting in home landscapes. Depending on the variety of juniper, you may be able to prune this versatile ornamental into a pri... Read More »

When to Plant Juniper Bushes?

Juniper bushes are evergreen shrubs known for their bluish foliage and berries. People often use juniper bushes as border shrubs in their yards and around homes. However, to ensure the best growth ... Read More »

Is there a plant like juniper that likes shade?

A juniper is an evergreen shrub with needle-like or scale-like leaves. Other evergreen shrubs that grow in the shade and have a similar appearance are yews, boxwood and false cypress, which has bri... Read More »