How do I plant scallions from seed?

Answer Choose an area of the garden that gets plenty of sunlight. Break up the soil approximately 6 inches deep. Clear out all weeds and rock, and add a 1-inch of layer of both peat and fertilizer to the ... Read More »

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How do I plant bee balm from seed?

PreparationHarvest seeds from dried seed heads in October or purchase bee balm seeds. Put harvested seed heads in a paper sack and shake to separate the seeds from the pod; store seeds in a plastic... Read More »

How do I plant carrots from seed?

Use a spade to break up the soil. Clear the soil of weeds and rocks. Spread 1/4-inch layer of peat and 1/4-inch layer of nitrogen-free fertilizer across the soil. Work the peat and fertilizer into ... Read More »

How do i plant basil from a seed?

Select a LocationSelect a planting location with full sun and moist soil. Amend soil with rotted manure or compost. Plant seeds outdoors in late March to avoid the spring frost. If starting the pla... Read More »

How do I plant speedwell from seed?

GerminatingGerminate speedwell, commonly known as Veronica, seeds indoors in well-draining flower pots or trays. Fill the pots with a nutrient rich potting soil, and pack it down. Place three seeds... Read More »