How do I plant plumeria cuttings?

Answer Preparing the CuttingRemove any leaves that are growing on the cutting to preserve moisture. Set the cutting to dry. Seal its cut end in a warm, dry spot for at least three days. Placing the cuttin... Read More »

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How to Make Plumeria Cuttings?

A single glance at a plumeria in glorious full bloom is all that it takes to understand why home gardening enthusiasts might want to possess this deciduous shrub. The plant's stunning blooming disp... Read More »

How to Grow Plumeria from Cuttings?

Plumeria (or Frangipani or Melia) are tropical plants that are sometimes used as houseplants and often grown in yards in tropical areas. Since plumeria does not come true from seed, (the young plan... Read More »

How do I plant plumeria seeds?

PreparationPlant plumeria seeds in spring or early summer for best success. Make sure that your seeds are clean and dry before you start.Combine half perlite and half quick-draining potting soil fo... Read More »

How to Plant Plumeria Seeds?

The hardest part of planting plumeria seeds will be finding the seeds. While plumeria is not difficult to start from seeds the seed grown plants will not look like the parent plant when they mature... Read More »