How do I plant luffa sponges from seed?

Answer PreparationPlant luffa sponge gourd (Luffa aegyptica) seeds in well-drained, warm soil in the spring. Luffa is slow to germinate and requires a long growing season--starting seeds three to four wee... Read More »

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How do I plant cauliflower from seed?

Start growing cauliflower seeds inside approximately 2 months before the projected last frost of the year. Place seeds no more than 1/2-inch deep in a tray with filled with a soil for seed starting... Read More »

How do I plant scallions from seed?

Choose an area of the garden that gets plenty of sunlight. Break up the soil approximately 6 inches deep. Clear out all weeds and rock, and add a 1-inch of layer of both peat and fertilizer to the ... Read More »

How do I plant carrots from seed?

Use a spade to break up the soil. Clear the soil of weeds and rocks. Spread 1/4-inch layer of peat and 1/4-inch layer of nitrogen-free fertilizer across the soil. Work the peat and fertilizer into ... Read More »

How do I plant bee balm from seed?

PreparationHarvest seeds from dried seed heads in October or purchase bee balm seeds. Put harvested seed heads in a paper sack and shake to separate the seeds from the pod; store seeds in a plastic... Read More »