How do I plant hanging baskets?

Answer PrepareLine the bottom of the basket with a layer of sphagnum moss about 1 inch thick.Fill the basket with a mixture of equal parts compost and peat moss.PlantPlant desired plants in the compost mi... Read More »

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How do I plant bromeliads in hanging baskets?

Prepare Your BasketFill your baskets with orchid growing foundations like vermiculite, peat moss or pea gravel. Bromeliads do not require soil, but do require good drainage and plenty of circulatio... Read More »

How do I plant flowers in hanging baskets?

Preparing the ContainersPlant flowers in a container with bottom drainage holes or a wire basket lined with 2 inches of moistened sphagnum moss or sheet moss. Pack the moss around the sides and bot... Read More »

How do i plant dwarf crape myrtles in hanging baskets?

Prepare a BasketSelect a hanging container that is 10 to 12 inches in diameter for the crape myrtle. Use either a plastic container with drainage holes or a wire basket container. Line wire baskets... Read More »

What is the best kind of plant to have in hanging baskets in WINDY West Texas?

Well, after living in San Angelo for the past five years until last year, and fighting dust storms, tumbleweeds, 30 - 50 mph gusts constantly; and after replacing them again & again. the solution I... Read More »