How do I plant fruit tree seeds?

Answer Pick a FruitDetermine the type of fruit you want to grow. Some fruit trees may not produce fruit if grown from seeds--they need to be grown from a graft cut from a mature tree. Apples trees often d... Read More »

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How do i save fruit seeds to plant?

Remove and Clean SeedsSave fruit seeds from fresh ripe fruits for later planting. Carefully remove seeds from raw fruit without breaking or cutting the seeds. Save only whole, undamaged seeds. Wash... Read More »

How do I plant dry banana& passion fruit seeds?

Seed PlantingPlant the seeds anytime from late winter to late spring. Place the seeds in a small plastic container or glass and add enough water to cover the seeds. Allow them to soak overnight. Us... Read More »

Can you plant seeds from any store bought fruit?

It depends on where you live. Like down here in the south you can plants pretty much anything and it will sprout. Like one girl said about the watermelons. I did this (also Pumkin seeds) and they g... Read More »

How to Plant Fruit Trees From Harvested Seeds?

Planting fruit trees from harvested seeds is an enjoyable project that can be completed for little to no cost. While the harvesting and planting process of fruit seeds is simple, growing fruit that... Read More »