How do I plant cucumber seeds?

Answer Prepare the SoilPrepare the soil for planting. Mix manure or a rich compost into the soil. The mixture will provide nutrients and help keep the soil moist. Plant the seeds in the spring when all ch... Read More »

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Can I Plant My Cucumber Seeds in Manure?

Manure has many benefits in the vegetable garden. It improves drainage, lightens soil texture and ads nutrients to the soil. Planting cucumbers or any other vegetables directly in manure, however, ... Read More »

How many seeds are in a cucumber?

All cucumbers produce seeds except those that are parthenocarpic, or completely female. Standard cucumber varieties produce 150 to 300 or more seeds per fruit. Seed production, regardless of variet... Read More »

How do I harvest cucumber seeds?

Select a cucumber that is healthy, and allow it to ripen on the vine until its skin yellows and toughens. Cut the cucumber from the vine and split it in half with a knife. Scoop out the inside of t... Read More »

How do I start cucumber seeds?

Prepare ContainersSow cucumber seeds indoors three to four weeks prior to the estimated last frost in spring. Fill an open container with seed-starting soil and break apart clumps to loosen the soi... Read More »