How do I plant centipede sod?

Answer Prepare the area you're planting. Till the soil to break it up and prepare it for the centipede sod. Ground tillers are available for rent from home and garden shops.Mix in lime and 5-10-5 fertiliz... Read More »

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How do I plant centipede seed?

Preparing the SoilPlant centipede grass seeds in the late spring or early summer to avoid any chance of frost that would kill the seeds. Till the soil where the centipede seed will be planted, usin... Read More »

Can you plant centipede grass over fescue?

Centipede grass grows well in the southeastern United States. It is drought resistant but does not fair well west of Texas and north of Kentucky. It is a creeping, slow-growing grass that will cho... Read More »

Can you plant St. Augustine with centipede grass?

Although St. Augustine grass and centipede grass both are warm-season grasses popular in Florida, they should not be planted together. St. Augustine is much less cold tolerant and is at risk if tem... Read More »

How do i plant centipede grass seed?

PrepareChoose the right area to plant Centipede grass in your lawn. Centipede grass is shade tolerant, but will do better in full sun.Rake the area to loosen up the soil and remove any rocks, trash... Read More »