How do I plant blue oat grass?

Answer PreparationPlant blue oat grass in fall or early spring.Till up the soil in a sunny location to a depth of 6 to 8 inches. Remove old vegetation from the area with a dirt rake or by hand. Add 2 to 3... Read More »

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How do I plant blue grama grass plugs?

PlanPlan to plant blue grama grass in areas that get full sun, with decent drainage.Amend the top 3 inches of the site with quick-draining soil to support the grass. Turn your garden soil over and ... Read More »

Why grass is a plant?

Because that's just what it is. A plant. The name grass is just a better way of explaining a type of plant that is tough, durable, creates a healthy sod for the earth, and is a favourite plant for ... Read More »

How to Plant Rye Grass?

Rye grass is often used in northern climates due to its ability to tolerate cool temperatures, and is typically planted when other, more permanent grasses have died out for the year. Unlike other t... Read More »

How to Plant Grass Hay?

Planting and growing hay grasses for farm animals takes a sizeable investment in hay equipment. Warm season grasses grow fairly quickly during optimal growing conditions, but not every summer has p... Read More »