How do I plant black seed sunflowers?

Answer Find a location in your garden that will get sunshine for most of the day, at least six hours. After the last frost has passed in your location, prepare the soil by digging it down to approximately... Read More »

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How do I plant black haw by seed prunifolium?

Prepare the Seed PotsFill small peat pots with a seed starting mix. Push down the soil mix firmly with your hands. Push three black haw seeds into the each peat pot, and cover with a light layer of... Read More »

How to plant sunflowers?

Hi.. my little daughter and I planted some last year and they came up HUGE!. ( did some more this weekend) Ok to plant now as they aren't bedding plants so will survive. Plant single seeds, spac... Read More »

Your son bought and gave you a plant that has a tag that says Zantedeschia aethiopica but the flowers it is producing are almost black should you just use it as a container plant?

grow games are a land where you click on the panels in the right order to win. for example the correct order for grow tower is... box with button. yellow pot thing. bricks. piece of land. brown flo... Read More »

How to Plant a Seed in a Pot?

Ever looked out of you window to see a dull lifeless garden? Well you can soon brighten it up with this article by learning how to plant a seed in a pot!