How do I plant an apple seed straight from the apple?

Answer Extract the seeds from an apple and allow the seeds to dry in a cool place. Once the outside of the seeds have no moisture, place the seeds in a seeding tray and cover with approximately 4/10 of an... Read More »

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How do i plant an apple seed?

Extract and Wash the SeedExtract the seeds from a mature apple and wash them thoroughly. You will need many seeds to start with to produce a plant because only about 30 percent of seeds will germin... Read More »

How long must you wait before you can plant an apple seed?

Apple seeds need a period of stratification before they are ready to plant. Mix seeds with barely moist peat moss, then put the mixture into a plastic bag. Store in the refrigerator for two month... Read More »

How do you grow an apple tree from an apple seed?

Firstly, you dry out the seed.You can do this by putting it on a window sill for a couple of daysThen find a spot in the garden that is not full sun, but with a balance of sun and shade.Water your ... Read More »

Will an apple grow out of an apple seed?

An apple tree will grow from a seed, but the tree will not bear fruit unless it is cross pollinated with another nearby apple tree. There is no guarantee that the fruit will be the same as the pare... Read More »