How do I plant a joshua tree seed?

Answer Initial GerminationPlant the seeds in a peat pot by setting them on a 2-inch layer of highly alkaline soil, and covering them lightly with 1/8 to 1/4 inches of soil. Place the peat pot into a smal... Read More »

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How do I plant a persimmon tree from seed?

PreparePlant persimmon seeds in spring or fall. Soak them in water for two or three days before planting; this will soften the husks. Fill a 6-inch pot with light, quick-draining potting soil for s... Read More »

How do I plant an almond tree from a seed?

PreparationSoak fresh almonds in water overnight. Be sure to soak several almonds, at least six, because not all of them will germinate and some will spoil. Crack the almond slightly. You want the ... Read More »

Can I plant a plum tree from a seed?

On One Hand: Plum trees can be grown from a seed.Plum trees can be grown from seeds found in the center of the trees' fruit. According to Iowa State University, seeds should be planted just a coupl... Read More »

How do I plant a catalpa tree seed?

PreparationStart a catalpa seed 3 months before the temperatures reach 70 degrees F. Plant the seed in a draining flower pot filled with potting soil rich in nutrients. Place the seed in the center... Read More »