How do I plant a germinated seed root down?

Answer Lay the germinated seed and its germinating material on a solid surface. Moisten the germinating material to help loosen the seed and any hairlike roots to help get the seed off without destroying ... Read More »

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How do I plant a germinated seed?

Set Them in GelStir cornstarch into boiling water to make a thick gel. Start with 1 tablespoon per cup of water; add more if necessary until the mixture is a gel. Keep stirring until the mixture th... Read More »

How to Tell if It Is a Stem on a Germinated Seed?

Inside of a seed is an embryo, a tiny dormant plant ready to grow. Providing a seed with water, and sometimes, warmer temperatures and sunlight, is usually all that is needed to germinate a seed. G... Read More »

How long does it take for a non germinated marijuana seed to sprout?

Your dishwasher should have a filter on the bottom of the machine that could be cleaned out. Also, periodically, put a cup of white vinegar in the machine and run it through the cycle. Often this r... Read More »

Do You Plant the Eyes of the Potato Up or Down When Planting Seed Potatoes?

Seed potatoes must be planted with their eyes facing up in order to grow. Gardeners should plant them about three to four inches below the soil's surface for best results. Does this... Read More »