How do I plant a dwarf fig tree in a pot?

Answer PrepareChoose a pot that is at least as big as the dwarf fig tree's current pot. If possible, select a pot that has drainage holes in the bottom. Fill it with a mixture of half compost and half qui... Read More »

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Where can you buy a dwarf weeping cherry tree?

Believe it or not, I bought mine from Bloomsnbuds on ebay. I purchased in early April for $19.95. It looked like a twig when it came.....someone called it a "switch". Is was about 3 feet tall. It i... Read More »

How to Prune a Dwarf Apricot Tree?

Dwarf apricot trees are essentially the same as their full-sized relatives -- they will produce full-sized fruit, but the tree is smaller. Grafted onto dwarf rootstock, dwarf apricot trees remain s... Read More »

How do I take care of a dwarf orange tree?

Potting and WateringPlant the dwarf orange tree in a large pot deep enough to contain the entire rootball. If the tree is twice as tall as the pot is wide, get a larger pot. Put the pot in a spot t... Read More »

The Propagation of the Dwarf Poinciana Tree?

Dwarf poinciana trees grow 2 to 10 feet tall with a multi-stem, shrubby growth pattern. The colorful, showy flowers bloom all year, set against a backdrop of feathery green foliage. Hardy to U.S. D... Read More »