How do I plant a bachelor button from seed?

Answer Choose a planting site with full sun and well-draining soil. In spring, as soon as the soil can be worked, plant seeds at a depth of 1/4 inch and gently firm the soil on top of them.Water the soil ... Read More »

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How do i plant basil from a seed?

Select a LocationSelect a planting location with full sun and moist soil. Amend soil with rotted manure or compost. Plant seeds outdoors in late March to avoid the spring frost. If starting the pla... Read More »

How to Plant Mums From a Seed?

Chrysanthemums-- "mums" for short--are a fall-blooming flower that has been heavily hybridized, resulting in plants in a variety of sizes that bloom in a rainbow of colors and flower shapes. Becaus... Read More »

How do I plant herbs from seed?

IndoorsFill a small plant container with potting soil and add water. Allow the container to drain excess water before proceeding. Spread herb seeds on top of the soil. Cover the seeds with 1/8- to ... Read More »

How do I plant scallions from seed?

Choose an area of the garden that gets plenty of sunlight. Break up the soil approximately 6 inches deep. Clear out all weeds and rock, and add a 1-inch of layer of both peat and fertilizer to the ... Read More »