How do I pay using checking, and when is my account charged?

Answer Paying with a CheckWrite out a check for the amount of your purchase, filling out the date, pay to, amount written longhand,amount in digits and signature. Your account will be charged once the ven... Read More »

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How do I manage a joint checking account when two people are using debit cards?

Bank OnlineSign up for online banking so both partners may view the balance at any time. Most debit card charges are recorded instantly so each partner has current information. That is only a parti... Read More »

How to Pay Using a Checking Account?

Paying for things is easy when you have a checking account. You can use your checking account to pay your bills and purchases, whether they are made online or at a brick-and-mortar store. Additiona... Read More »

How to Send Money Using a Checking Account?

Often situations arise in which you will need to send money to friends and family members as quickly and conveniently as possible. Of course, you can write a check and send it the old fashioned wa... Read More »

How can I wire money using my checking account?

If you have a checking account with sufficient funds, plus the proper information for your intended recipient, sending a wire transfer across town or across the world is a relatively simple matter.... Read More »