How do I pay off a Circuit City card?

Answer BudgetingCreate a family budget. Review past checking account statements and categorize each expenditure. Be sure to include a category for your debt repayment on the Circuit City card.PlanningSet ... Read More »

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Best Buy or Circuit City?

It really depends on the store. I like the Best Buy near me because there is never a shortage of sales people. They are friendly, helful and for computers they have the GEEK SQUAD.When things go on... Read More »

Circuit City or Best Buy?

Watch the sale papers from both stores. Especially if it's last years model. One store will beat the others price, and they're a lot cheaper than a camera store.

Which is better best buy or circuit city?

Circuit City rip-off?

It could take up to 3 months..If it is a Circuit City rebate you can call your local CC and ask for the rebate center's number and you can call that number and ask any questions you have.