How do I partition a hard disk in Windows Vista?

Answer Open Disk ManagementPress "Windows" and "R" to open Run. Type "diskmgmt.msc" into the dialog box and press "Enter." In Disk Management, right-click the "Unallocated" portion of your hard disk. Clic... Read More »

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How to Partition a Hard Disk in Windows XP?

Before your Windows XP computer can use a hard drive for storing data, the hard drive first has to be partitioned and formatted. This process is made possible by the built-in Disk Management utilit... Read More »

How to Partition a Second SATA Hard Drive in Windows Vista?

When you add a second SATA hard drive to Windows Vista, it has to be partitioned and formatted before it is available for use. The partition is a section of, or all of, the hard drive's storage are... Read More »

How to Free up Hard Disk Space on Windows Vista?

As the Windows Vista OS becomes more entrenched in the market, fewer will look towards older operating systems. This guide will present a range of methods to troubleshoot a lack of hard disk space ... Read More »

What type of virus hides in the boot sector of a disk or the partition table of a hard disk?

A "Boot Sector Infector" virus will hide in the partition table or boot sector of a hard disk. It loads into a computer's memory during the boot process, and begins executing malicious code.Referen... Read More »