How do I paint wood black?

Answer Remove the glossy coat of varnish from the wood by sanding it with a palm sander loaded with 200-grit sandpaper. Skip this step if the wood is unvarnished.Apply a coat of tinted acrylic latex prime... Read More »

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How do I paint wood floors black?

Clean and Dust FreeClean the floor of all dirt, wax and surface oils or the paint will not adhere. Try to remove any excesses built up in major gaps in the flooring as well. Most products to clean ... Read More »

Can I paint pressure treated wood with latex paint?

You can paint pressure-treated wood with latex paint if you know the proper procedure. You must wait at least six to eight weeks for the treated wood to dry out. The wood should be protected from r... Read More »

Can you use paint thinner to remove paint from wood trim?

Yes you can use paint thinner to remove the paint on the wood.2nd Answer:No, paint thinner will not remove paint from anything. Most paint is now water-based, anyway. Paint thinner does just what t... Read More »

What paint can I use to paint over white wood?

Yes, you must clean it and sand it down before painting.A paint like Crown Solo or Dulux 1 will then do the job in just one coat.