How do I paint over vinyl floor tiles?

Answer Clean the vinyl floor tiles with dish soap and a coarse plastic brush. Rinse the surface thoroughly, or the paint will not stick. Allow the tile to dry out completely.Abrade the vinyl tile to promo... Read More »

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How can you place Vinyl floor tiles directly on the sub floor?

Usually. Most peel-and-stick vinyl tiles have a decent glue and will adhere to a clean and relatively smooth subfloor. Make sure it is not OSB or particle board subfloor as peel and stick will not ... Read More »

How do you cut vinyl floor tiles?

Generally you only need a utility knife. They also sell a vinyl tile cutter, but they can be expensive.Take the utility knife with a straight edge and using pressure cut the tile. Sometimes you wil... Read More »

Where do you buy 9 inch vinyl floor tiles?

How to Lay Ceramic Floor Tiles Over Vinyl?

If you have a vinyl floor and want to move up to ceramic tile, you can lay the ceramic over the vinyl with the proper preparation. Before laying the tile, make sure the vinyl is solid and firmly ad... Read More »