How do I paint over porcelain appliances?

Answer Ensure that the appliance is unplugged. Clean the porcelain appliance with a water-based degreaser. Rinse the appliance thoroughly, or you might have trouble with paint adhesion. Use a damp rag. Do... Read More »

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How to Paint Over Porcelain Lamps?

If you would like to paint over a porcelain lamp, consider some important points before you begin the application process. Porcelain lamps are nonporous, a characteristic that leaves them poorly su... Read More »

How do I faux paint with stainless steel paint on appliances?

PreparationSand and treat any rust spots, and remove all of the handles. Cover the logos, hardware, decals and trim pieces with painter's tape. Clean with soap and water, and let the appliances dry... Read More »

What kind of paint do I use to paint porcelain?

Porcelain is a glass, and only an involved process called "China painting," which uses dry paints mixed with heavy oil coupled with kiln firing, will generate a professional and long-lasting produc... Read More »

Can I paint flat paint over freshly painted satin paint on interior walls?

On One Hand: Sheen FactorsFlat and satin paint possess two different qualities referred to as the sheen of the paint. IndoBase describes the sheen as, "the amount of light reflected off the painted... Read More »