How do I paint lacquer furniture?

Answer Opaque Lacquer over Exiting Lacquer FinishSpray opaque lacquer over an existing lacquer finish by smoothing down the surface of the old finish with wet/dry sandpaper. Make sure you remove all fleck... Read More »

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Can you paint black lacquer furniture?

You can paint a lot of things. It depends on what you are painting. If you are painting metal then use metal paint if you are painting wood then use wood paint if you are painting something flexibl... Read More »

How to Care for Lacquer Furniture?

Lacquer furniture consists of a resinous surface layer over wood. Since lacquer provides a hard, durable finish, the surface layer protects the wood from polishes, oils and polluted air. This surfa... Read More »

How do I clean black lacquer furniture?

Brew Strong TeaDust the black lacquer furniture using a soft cloth. Make a pot of tea containing double the suggested amount of tea bags. Allow the tea to completely cool before attempting to clean... Read More »

How to Clean Black Lacquer Asian Furniture?

Lacquer furniture was once restricted to the higher classes in China, Japan and Korea and production was regulated. Lacquer was applied layer by layer with a drying process between each coat. Some ... Read More »