How do I paint a sash window?

Answer Tape the edges of the window glass with painter's masking tape. For double-hung windows, paint the outer sash first. For single-hung windows, paint the stationary upper sash first. Start with the w... Read More »

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How to Take Out a Window Sash?

Whether you are replacing a balance in a vinyl window or replacing the weights in a wooden window, removal of the window sash is necessary. Removing window sashes is different for vinyl and wood wi... Read More »

What is window sash?

In a sash window, the window panels open by sliding up and down in vertical grooves, possibly aided by a system of cords and balanced weights. The sash is made of window panes and their border.

How do I change a sash in a window?

Unscrew the window stops and remove the bottom sash. Using a screwdriver pry the beading free and pull out the top sash. Cut the sash cords and knot them. Unscrew the access panel and lift out any ... Read More »

How do I glaze an old window sash?

Remove the Old GlazeWear protective goggles when working on glass. Use a heat gun or hairdryer to soften the old glaze or putty. Take a paint scraper, and gently remove the softened glaze from the ... Read More »