How do I paint a bathroom wallboard?

Answer PreparationRemove as many fixtures from the walls, such as shelves and towel racks, as you can, and protect the ones that remain with masking tape. Then wash the walls with a bleach-and-water solut... Read More »

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How do I cover a bathroom wallboard?

Apply CompoundInspect wallboard to ensure that it is straight and all seams line up. If all seams line up and wallboard has been correctly installed, fill seams in wallboard with joint compound and... Read More »

How to Prepare Purple Wallboard in a Bathroom?

If you are adding drywall to a high moisture area like the bathroom, a purple board drywall is the most suitable material to use because of its increased resistance to mildew and mold. Once you pur... Read More »

How do I prepare purple wallboard in a bathroom?

Prepare the surface by washing it with a mild detergent and rinsing the wall clean. Fill nail holes with Spackle. Allow it to dry and sand it smooth. Tape baseboards and door casings with painter's... Read More »

How do I remove a bathroom's laminated Formica wallboard?

Remove WallboardRemove the baseboards with a crowbar if removing wallboard around the perimeter of the bathroom. Cut the caulk line covering the back sink edge and the wallboard with a utility knif... Read More »