How do I organize the linen closet?

Answer Linens Used RegularlyStack your linens on a flat surface, according to those items you go through quickest, keeping like colors together. One stack would include bath towels, another hand towels an... Read More »

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How to organize a linen closet?

HI!Is this the type, or close to the type, of organizer you have… ?If so, I would recommend you to purchase boxes, jars or baskets, with different texture... Read More »

How to Add a Linen Closet to the Bathroom?

Linen closets are usually found in hallways, providing a convenient place for everyone to get clean sheets, towels, washcloths, blankets, pillowcases, quilts and the like. However, some homes lack ... Read More »

How do i arrange a linen closet?

Fold bed linens and place them in the top of a linen closet.Stack folded bath towels in the middle shelf.Place folded hand towels on the shelf beneath the large towels. Fold and stack the washcloth... Read More »

How to Have a Tidy Linen Closet?

Tired of the sheets falling on your head and the towels tumbling out at your feet every time you open the linen closet? Time to take charge so that you can find your linen when you need it, rather ... Read More »