How do I order beer without looking stupid?

Answer i'm a are a few of my TIPS....make eye contact with the bartender, especially if the bar is busy, have money visible so bartender knows you want a beer, are are not at the bar cha... Read More »

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Some people just can't handle it. Maybe you are one of those people that can't pull off ordering a plate of pasta without getting it all over you. Well, you don't have to be one of those people any... Read More »

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Ties: they can be a wonderful, whimsical accessory, or they can be a horrible failure.

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Women: Can men order White Zinfandel without looking gay or corny?

Nothing says "gangster" more than sipping White Zinfandel. LOL. I think it is fine for guys to order white wine. Honestly, I get so tired of people judging you by what you drink. People at the bar ... Read More »