How do I open up a divorce case to incorporate a settlement agreement?

Answer Motion to Modify Divorce DecreeFile a motion to modify divorce decree. A motion to modify divorce decree operates to open the divorce proceedings. The court clerk maintains form motions for your us... Read More »

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My parents adopted my kids and they get help for that. but the child support has an open case with me how can i close my case or work some thing out with them?

How to Search for a Divorce by Case Number?

Divorce records can be required for a number of reasons including re-marriage, passport application, changing one's name or genealogy research. In some cases, the correct spelling of the names of t... Read More »

In a divorce case who would get custody of a child if one spouse is unemployed?

Answer Custody is granted based on what is in the best interest of the child and not on financial status.This is the reason that non custodial parent are equally responsible for the financial issu... Read More »

How long does a divorce case stay pending in georgia?

In Georgia, a contested divorce pends until both parties come to an agreement on all divorce issues, which can last for months. Uncontested divorces are generally final 31 days after the defendant ... Read More »