How do I open my "permission tab on Excel"?

Answer It would have helped to know what version and update level of MS-Excel you are using.Also, there is no "permission tab" in the normal MS-Excel, no matter what version. But there is a an area for s... Read More »

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Excel 2003: When I open a folder/file in Excel, it takes a while to open Why so slow?

When you open MS-Excel by itself, there is no data there to read. It is just the application with a blank and empty set of spreadsheets.But when you open an existing workbook (or file) within MS-E... Read More »

How to Get Excel 2007 to Open Excel Documents when You Double Click Them?

When you double-click an Excel file, either from Explorer or from Outlook, does Excel 2007 open yet no file gets loaded? I've two things you can try to remedy this.

Can I Open a Windows Excel 2007 in Mac Excel 2008?

Excel 2007 changed the basic file formats for Excel, and Excel 2008 for Macintosh provides support for those new formats. Although many versions of Excel for Macintosh are close parallels to their... Read More »

How Do I Open an MS Excel File Without Excel?

Download the free Microsoft Excel Viewer from Microsoft's download website. Click the "Download" button and install the software. Agree to the software's terms and conditions and enter the requeste... Read More »