How do I open an XML document!! i really need help...please?

Answer First of all, you have to get the xml file out of the Zip folder. Right click on the Zip folder, click on "Extract All" and then click the "Extract" button on the dialog that opens. An unzipped f... Read More »

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How to Convert a Works Nine Document to an Open Office Document?

Included with some mass manufactured laptops and desktops, Microsoft Works 9 acts as the lower-priced version of the Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft Works features word processor, spreadsheet, ca... Read More »

Will I go blind Helpplease?

It's getting old, man. You posted this at least a half dozen times yesterday and the day before. You've got your answer. Several dozen answers, actually.Give it a rest.

Fantage accounts helpPlease?

Ecoins- go to your ID Fone and click on Earn Ecoins. Click on any button and you might be taken to a video. Watch the video and follow optional instructions, then click Earn Ecoins when it turns gr... Read More »

How to Open a Doc Document?

DOC is the file format associated with Microsoft Word documents created in versions 2003 and earlier, and older editions of Corel's WordPerfect. As long as you have the necessary software installed... Read More »