How do I open a window stuck with paint?

Answer Cut through the paint seal with a box cutter or serrated window saw. Run the blade between the movable parts of the window and the window frame--the sides and the sill.Insert a wide putty knife int... Read More »

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How to Open a Stuck Window?

It can be quite frustrating when you want to open a window and find that the window won’t budge. Windows can get stuck for a number of reasons: wood frames may have warped in wet weather, the hou... Read More »

Where can you find an easily removable window covering for a high window that brings in a lot of sun during the day but which you want to have open in the evening?

Answer Your best bet is a "roll up blind" and it comes in the type such as venetien blinds and also bamboo. When you don't want the sun in just roll it down (long cord) tacked back against a corn... Read More »

How to Fix a Stuck Window on a Car?

Back in the days of the crank window in your car, you simply cranked the window up or down manually, and the window responded accordingly. Now cars are built with electric windows; they only requir... Read More »

How to Manually Roll Up a Window That Is Stuck Down on a BMW E34?

Power windows have become nearly standard on cars of different types all around the world, but they do tend to get stuck or break in certain situations. In your BMW E34, if your window gets stuck, ... Read More »