How do I open a lemark 33 ink cartridge to refill it?

Answer Incorrect cartridge error message could mean a clogged printhead. Are you certain you did not accidentally touch the gold areas (printer points) as this can put oils and dirt or residue on the cart... Read More »

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How hard is it to refill an inkjet cartridge myself Am I better off just buying a new cartridge?

Some people have no problems refilling their printer cartridges. Personally, I've had bad luck when I tried. My printer is an HP Deskjet 832c. I bought a recycled cartridge at Office Depot which... Read More »

How to Refill the HP 901 Cartridge?

Regardless of your printing needs, you will find that your HP printer's ink cartridges will eventually run dry. If your HP printer uses the HP 901 ink cartridge then you have the option of purchasi... Read More »

How Do I Refill an HP 92 Cartridge?

PrepareTake the label off the top of the ink cartridge. Remove the syringe and black bottle of ink from the refill kit.Fill the Syringe and Ink CartridgeInsert the needle on the syringe into the bo... Read More »

How do you refill an hp ink cartridge?

Refilling your own printer cartridges is an economical and environmentally conscious way of using technology. At a fraction of the cost of a new ink cartridge, you can refill an empty one twice. An... Read More »