How do I open WMV files with my MacBook?

Answer Download WMV PlayerDownload and install a Windows Media Player designed for Mac OS X operating systems, such as Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X (see References). Right-click on the WMV files a... Read More »

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How to Make PDF Files in Macbook Pro?

If you have a Macbook Pro and you'd like to make PDF files for emails or presentations, use the PDF-creating feature that's built into Mac OS X. Turn any page of images and text into a PDF file wit... Read More »

How to transfer files on Macbook pro HDD to PC HDD?

You will need a cable that fits both the Mac and whatever you are trying to connect it to. Ethernet would be the obvious choice but without details of the other computer one could not say for sure.... Read More »

What is a free program that can open UIF files Download links I need to open a 600mb fil, Thank You!?

MagicISO can open them, but it costs money.…Download the trial version and try this:…Or this:http://www.magiciso.... Read More »

How to Stream .AVI Files to My Xbox 360 From My MacBook?

When you stream an .AVI video file from your MacBook computer to your Xbox 360, the gaming console is accessing the audio and video information contained in that file without any transfer taking pl... Read More »