How do I obtain a mortgage loan?

Answer ApplyFill out a mortgage loan application with a mortgage lender. The application, known as the Uniform Residential Loan Application, requests information such as your full legal name, Social Secur... Read More »

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Is it better to get a shorter loan mortgage term or prepay on a longer loan?

On One Hand: Short Tem Mortgages Tie Your Hands.A short term mortgage forces you to spend more money on your house payment than you would under a longer term loan. This means that there is less mon... Read More »

Is it Better to Get a Shorter Loan Mortgage Term or Pre-Pay on a Longer Loan?

There are many benefits to listed job descriptions. It makes it easier to fill the position and gives employees a clear description of what they would do on a day to day basis if hired. However, th... Read More »

Can I Get a Mortgage Loan Plus a Loan to Fix the House?

When you purchase a fixer-upper, you will need to have money to buy the home and cover costs of improvements. Many lenders will ask you to take two separate loans, a mortgage and a home equity loan... Read More »

How to Obtain a Cash Loan?

Cash advances are short terms loans, otherwise known as payday loans, which you can use when you find yourself in a financial bind and need cash, very quickly. Cash advances should only be used as ... Read More »