How do I obtain a loan for college with bad credit?

Answer Federal student loans have no credit check. Go to and apply!

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How to Obtain a Car Loan: For People with Bad Credit?

For many people, needing a car is a fact of life. Unfortunately, when you have bad credit, it can be much harder to receive a car loan. Car companies and the banks that they use want to see a custo... Read More »

How to Obtain a Second Student Loan for Books & Other School Supplies With Bad Credit?

You've applied for and obtained initial loans and grants to pay for tuition, but now you have to pay for books and supplies. Another setback is bad credit. You're worried that no loan company will ... Read More »

College loan with no cosigner and excellent credit?

Take out federal loans only. They require no cosigner and no credit check. the interest is less an the fees are less. Private student loans are evil and have stub standard terms, higher fees, an... Read More »

What should a credit score be to obtain a loan?

You should have a credit score in the 600s to get a loan. In order to get the preferred interest rates, suggests that you should have a credit score of at least 720. To qualify for an ... Read More »