How do I obtain a free computer for college I have no money at all to buy one.?

Answer When I was in school, I simply applied for a loan that was $X more than I needed for any given semester. When the loan company overpays your school, they will cut you a check for the extra. Don't l... Read More »

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How and where can I get free money for college?

Scholarships and grants are great free sources of money. You can read about them here:…Here are some sites you can check out that offer grants and scholars... Read More »

Where can I find free money for college?

There are several free sources to get help for college. However, each item takes time, and it is free to access along with submitting your application. All of it takes time to hear whether or not y... Read More »

The Top Sources of Free Money for College?

A college education can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $150,000 depending on the type of college you attend, and the cost of college continues to rise. Paying for college is a consideration many stud... Read More »

Can American Indians get free money to go to college?

On One Hand: American Indians Pay for CollegeAmerican Indians do not receive free college educations according to the American Indian College Fund website. Once American Indians reach college, they... Read More »