How do I not wear the same clothes every day?

Answer well really its a game of mix and matchif you have a verity of clothing. you can pick a different top and a different bottom and get a whole new look. there are some really cute sheer tops and shi... Read More »

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Would you wear used clothes?

you betcha...if they are good..why not....I have found so many treasures....& i love the adventure...of course use COMMON you might like to wash them...seriously...there are lots more p... Read More »

Should i get rid of my clothes i cant wear anymore?

Give them away. When we keep things and tend to say, I will be able to get back into them, then we usually never do.It is better to give clothes away that you haven't worn in a year also. It is f... Read More »

When should i wear maternity clothes?

On One Hand: The First TrimesterBuying new clothes for pregnancy can be expensive. During the first trimester of pregnancy, you may wish to save the money and stick with the clothes already in your... Read More »

What Clothes to Wear to Look Thinner?

Most women have a few pounds they'd like to lose. Luckily, the clothes women wear can smooth out curves and camouflage trouble spots with the proper use of color, shape and texture. The trick is in... Read More »