How do I nicely get my sister to stop downloaded GB's of Crap on my computer?

Answer i say you talk to her about this. shes gonna get the picture either way, best to talk face to face than to play a passive aggressive game. tell her if she cant control her downloads, then you will ... Read More »

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How to Nicely Tell Someone to Stop Texting You?

Receiving multiple unwanted text messages can be frustrating. Whether you have an admirer who is interested in you or an ex-friend who won't let an argument go, you're probably running out of patie... Read More »

Your sister is in love with a loser and she has changed she never comes around unless its at her convince she is smoking a lot of weed and she allows him to treat her like crap and refuses to leave?

Just find a way for her to know that he is horrible. Or find her another guy. But be careful, It could lead to trouble.:)Amanda

How do you stop feeling like crap?

First of all find a professional who will work with and for you. Secondly, find what it is you are enjoying in life, make a list of everything you want to do with your life, learn in your life and... Read More »

My andriod (xperia TL) wont stop downloading random crap.?

you can't. its an ad service called airpush. Go on google play and look for airpush removers. they tell you which app is doing it so you can remove it. Unfortunately, you can't remove the ads with ... Read More »