How do I neutralize a permanent magnet?

Answer Heat the MagnetConstruct or purchase a stand to hold your permanent magnet. A constructed stand need only be an iron rod held vertically upright by a sturdy base. Move your contraption away from an... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between a Permanent Magnet and a Temporary Magnet?

Magnets are atomic powered. The difference between a permanent magnet and a temporary magnet is in their atomic structures. Permanent magnets have their atoms aligned all the time. Temporary magnet... Read More »

Is iron a permanent magnet?

Iron can be made into a permanent magnet, which is a magnet that stays magnetic for long periods of time on its own. Iron has high retentivity, meaning that once you magnetize it, it will stay that... Read More »

What is a dc permanent magnet motor?

Direct current (DC) motors have found their way into a wide variety of applications, from toys to hybrid cars. (Reference 1) Though invented in the early 1800s, engineers continue to refine DC moto... Read More »

Is an electromagnet or a permanent magnet stronger?

The strength of a permanent magnet is limited by the magnetic field of the material is it made of. The strength of an electromagnet's magnetic field varies with the design of the electromagnet and ... Read More »